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Cat 50 Hz Continuous Gas Generators

Caterpillar is the industry best power generation marketplace with unfailing power solutions. Integrated with a large number of features, these continuous power gas generators can detect internal engine component condition, the presence of unwanted fluids and combustion by-products with its Caterpillar S•O•SSM program.

These continuous power gas models attain high level performance by using low pressure gas. Continuous power gas generators are capable of meeting your various power generation requirements in a cost-effective way. These gas power models are available as fully prototype tested with certified torsional vibration analysis, thereby make sure a reliable performance to the customer.

Continuous power gas generators are designed in such a way to operate frequently with a consistent load. These gas generators are presented in 50 Hz and 60 Hz power ranges to select from. Under 50 Hz category, you can choose pipeline natural gas, low energy gas, island mode operation & power plant generator sets and combined heat & power. From 60 Hz continuous power gas generators’ power ranges; you have various options to choose like pipeline natural gas, low energy gas and power plant generator models.

Cat 50 Hz Continuous Gas Generators Model

 Continuous Power
 Combined Heat & Power

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